Imagine trying to tell a guy with a desk job who just went out for a quick smoke he has to drop the cigs and do sports. What a tough task – convincing people, even yourself, to drop bad habits and get fitter and healthier is a hard thing to do. It’s always like that – these issues are easier to ignore as fixing them requires effort. The CHAIR UP crew have never been afraid of seemingly impossible challenges though, so they went and gave it their best for SAC – a business centre hosting more than 2000 employees. The initiative was called FASTEN SEAT BELTS and I did their logo design and then witnessed the whole thing as their photo/videographer. Using a series of instructional videos and then following up with 3 intense days of seminars, fun exercises and person-to-person talks, these guys put in monumental efforts towards motivating people to look for a solution to all the chronic pains and discomforts of having a desk job.